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Hello out there, prospective visitors, and welcome to the SKET-dan club on dA!

Open to all fans of the hit manga and anime, "SKET-Dance" by Kenta Shinohara, become a part of the Academy SKET Brigade as you pledge yourself to helping others! Join the many misadventures as we and our heroes Bossun, Himeko, and Switch take on the many problem cases to help improve campus life.

For more information, please read HERE for your Reference.


:star:How to Join:star:

:bulletgreen: Simple! Just click on the button on the toolbar below the Group icon that says "Join our Group!"
:bulletgreen: All join requests are Automatically Accepted.
:bulletgreen: For incoming affiliations, affiliates to our group are always open! Each request will be reviewed by an administrator.

:star:Important Rules to Follow:star:

:bulletpurple: All of dA's rules apply here, please follow them~ For a list of required dA standard etiquette, please click HERE.
:bulletpurple: Mature content inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18 is NOT ALLOWED. This includes but is not limited to:
*Excessive blood/gore
*Profane language
*High sexual content/excessive nudity (use your own judgement....Ecchi in small quantities is allowed)
*Provocative and/or violent subliminal messages

:bulletpurple: Along with gallery rules, ART THEFT is NOT allowed. Any art that is not your own or violates copyright laws (including screenshots, stripped manga pages, etc.) is punishable by permanent ban from the group and you will be reported to dA authorities.
:bulletpurple: RESPECT YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS! This means that you may not:
*Flame/Spam other users
*Troll group members
*Harshly critique art submitted into the gallery without the artist's direct permission

and others are included. If you need more information as to what respect means to yourself and others, please refer back to first grade the dA policy and etiquette requirements.
:bulletpurple: Failure to follow the rules stated above will result in:
1st offense--Warning. Art violation will result in the art being taken down from the gallery as well.
2nd offense--Ban. Depending on how severe the issue, you may be reported to dA authorities.

:star:Contribute to our Gallery:star:

:bulletorange: Artwork that follows our guidelines stated above is welcome! You may submit as many deviations as you like at one time. All deviation submissions are put to vote by the group administrators.
:bulletorange: Remember to submit to the PROPER FOLDER. If your artwork doesn't fit in any of the available folders, ask us or request for a new folder.
:bulletorange: Artwork relating to the "SKET-Dance" is the only theme allowed. This includes both Canon and Original characters.

:star:Spread the Word:star:

:bulletpink: First of all, STAY ACTIVE! You can do this by watching the group, and paying attention to updates and fun activities that will be available.
:bulletpink: Watch out for Upcoming Contests. As our membership increases, we will be holding special contests for all members to enter in order to win prizes!

Thank you, and have fun! :heart:
The SKET-dan team.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please note the group to any issues you may have. Thanks!

Gallery Folders

Trick or treat? by rondemonde
sket dance -2 by KiraMatako
Regular Day by picopuri
Bossun by The-Blue-Wind
The Sket-Dan
S K E T by Siphine
SKET DANCE- Himeko by PlanetaryAnimefan
Sket Dance! by eleneli
Casey Jones vs. Himeko Onizuka by JasonPictures
The Student Council
Tsubaki Watercolour by Tiha90
Tsubaki Attempt by TsubakiExplosion
SKET DANCE - Tsubaki by FatLittleSeal
Kaimei Students
Sket Siblings by umani-ko
Biscuit Dance Oz by Ashcat-desu
BossunSaaya by Ani-MAL
Senyuu...Crossover? by Gintara
OCs and FCs
My SKET Dance OC: by SkinnyGenesGorillaz
Switch On! SKET Dance Cosplay 4 by freddieallance
Switch On! SKET Dance Cosplay 3 by freddieallance
Switch On! SKET Dance Cosplay 2 by freddieallance
Switch On! SKET Dance Cosplay 1 by freddieallance
Pixels, Icons, and Stamps
Stamp_Bossun x Himeko by Queen-Frost
Sket Dance Shirt and Bossun Cosplay Accessories by freddieallance
Sket Dance Band by TheArtistyk
SKET Dance: Candy Drops by MakiLoveCrysis
Handmade: SKET Dance Wristband by Southrobin
Romantic World of Roman contest entries


SKET-dan support!

Random from Featured

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:star:Awesome SKET-dance fanart by various artists around dA!:star:

What is the SD Birthday Journal?
Simply, this is a list of birthdays of most of the characters in SKET Dance. Since it's a bit difficult to look up every now and then, we made a list for everyone to look at. You may not even know when's a character's bday, and it's just interesting to know.

Below is the full list of birthdays (stuff in parenthesis pertain to the character's nickname or who he/she is known for)

Finally! About time this journal was updated, huh?

As you may know, there was only two characters celebrating their birthdays in March, Dr. Tsubaki and Suemasu!! Compared to other months, March has one of the months having the least amount characters having a birthday, which are June and December.

But this month's different! We have nine characters who have birthdays this month, and five of them just were last week alone! So go ahead and celebrate with us by doing a fanart or whatever you feel like!

EDIT It seems I've missed some celebrants when I first made the list, so I updated the list. It seems that there's two more characters who celebrated their birthdays last month, none other than Hoosuke and Magata!! That means I have to fix the graphic again. xD

A new pic for the March/April celebrants! I spent some time getting a good design for this, so feel free to take a look at it. I'll get January/February updated, and May/June up soon! ;)


10 - Moe Yabasawa
11 - Ichiro Yamanaki (from oneshot)
21 - Kobayashi
23 - Akane Fujisaki


4 - Masaya Kitaōji (Drama club guy)
14 - Chotaro Dekata
15 - Kikuno Asahina (Daisy), Otakura , Kanegi (English teacher)
22 - Saori Yasuda
26 - Akitoshi Daimon (Enigman)
28 - Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch)


3 - Hoosuke
13 - Dr. Tsubaki
24 - Michinori Magata (boy's manga club member)
27 - Suemasu


5 - Remi Misora (Oneesan)
6 - Mitsuru Jougasaki
8 - Kiri Kato
9 - Ryosuke Kirishima
11 - Seiji Igarashi
19 - Kaoru Yagi
23 - Masafumi Usui
26 - Saaya Agata
30 - Roman Saotome


1 - Takako Shimada
5 - Jin Kakuichi
9 - Yoshimura
10 - Tetsu
15 - Koma Morishita
18 - Taisuke Mishima
20 - Mimori
29 - Ayumi Kuramoto
30 - Kiyoshi Date (Dante)


21 - Shinpei Takemitsu


1 - Suzu Chuma
3 - Momoka Kibitsu ,Namiko and Nanako Watanabe (from oneshot)
7 - Hime Onizuka (Himeko)
13 - Fumi Segawa
25 - Arisa Kano (Himeko's friend)
28 - Misaki (Tetsu's childhood friend)


13 - Junichi Son (J-son)
19 - Kumi Ito
29 - Sakiko Takashima
30 - Master Won


1 - Enta Hinohara
13 - Kunio Yamanobe (Genesis, Hyperion, Falken, etc.)
19 - Nitta (announcer guy)
21 - Quecchon
23 - Chiaki Takahashi (Captain)
25 - Yukino Hirai
27 - Teppei Sugihara
28 - Rumi Fujisaki
30 - Yukie Izumisawa


6 - Michiru Shinba
18 - Naoyuki Kusabe (Spider's Association guy)
19 - Genzaburou Karamatsu (Kaimei High principal)
23 - Tetsuji Chuma (Chuusan)
28 - Shinzo Takemitsu


2 - Sawa Yamauchi
8 - Teruaki Morino (Fumi-chan's friend)
11 - Yusuke Fujisaki (Bossun), Tsubaki Sasuke, Haru Kirishima
13 - Takaaki Uchida, Ayano Sugisaki (violinist), Kezuka (manga club advisor)
25 - Usami Hani


5 - Sojiro Agata (kakaka!)
27 - Reiko Yuki
More Journal Entries


We fully endorse the above product.




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